In pathless paths I lead my wand'ring feet,
My humble eyes to lofty skies I reared
To sing some song, my mazed Muse thought meet.

In 1645, the Bradstreets moved to present-day North Andover (then, just regular Andover). From this vantage, she would write some of her most ambitious poetry, including the "The Quaternions"--part creation story,  early modern medical theory, Puritan theology, and rendering of the four seasons. She also authored "Contemplations" and "Meditations Divine and Moral" while walking along the Cochichewick Brook. 

We are creating a mobile walking tour app that will allow contemporary audiences to experience Anne Bradstreet's poetry through the landscape and evolving history of North Andover. Bridging our campus, the North Andover Historical Society, the old town common, the first burial ground, and other key landmarks, the walking tour will inspire you to contemplate mortality, nature, and communal life along with Anne.

So, even if we don't find her 350-year-old grave, we will nevertheless find Anne Bradstreet in North Andover.